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premium Waterproof Mat


Explore Our Collection of High-Quality Mats with Anti-Slip Backing.

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EasyMat - F140 (7mm) Anti-slip MatF70 (7mm) Anti-slip MatF70 (14mm) Anti-slip Jump MatF100 (7mm) Anti-slip MatF140 (7mm) Anti-slip Mat



100% Waterproof | Non-Slip | Scratch Resistant
Pet safety certified play mats that help support the joints of your furkids for safe and fun play time!

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Fluff Trough - Insert OnlyFluff Trough - Base OnlyStackable Fluff Trough RiserFluff Trough XLFluff Trough Licking Mat Attachment

Elevated Dog bowls

Fluff Trough

Thoughtfully designed with a wide front opening and raised side and back walls for fuss-free meal times, even for the messiest eaters!

Choose from our variety of removable bowl insert for easy cleaning (standard size only)

Perfect for all flat-faced dogs and cats.
Available in 2 sizes to fit small to medium breeds.

Add-on risers to get the perfect height for taller pets.

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Training Essentials

Cato Outdoors

Elevate your dog training game with Cato Boards and Cato XL Plank.

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Cato Board Dog Training PlatformCato Plank XL Platform

Training Essential

Cato Board

An essential for training and conditioning

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Our 8 year-old toy poodle has MPL on both hind legs and we fear that it will worsen from jumping up and down from sofa. We scouted for weeks till we come across this non-slip ramp and we are happy that it serves our purpose. With some coaching and treats as his reward, he is now happily using it. It is very sturdy and built to last.


Purchased Dfang Non-slip Pet Ramp


2nd purchase. Loving the new 7mm even more than our previous 5mm! 😍 As you can see, da dog is totally loving it. It’s easy to clean and pleasing to the eye, safe for pet to run and jump. Perfect for us!


Purchased Dfang Rug (7mm) Non-fold Anti-slip Mat


One of my dogs has mild hip dysplasia. Another also has this and had surgery for luxating patella. The vet advised to place pieces of rug or carpet on the hard floor in my home so that they don't slip when running. Among all the different types of floor coverings that i tried, the Dfang play mat is the only one that is able to stand up to their wild play. 

Tim Ng

Purchased Dfang Petplay F140/7 Anti-slip Mat


Love that the bowl is elevated and has a big surface area! Toby doesn’t need to bend down and the big surface area prevents him from poking his eyes. The binge blocker slows him down and reduce mess! Great for brachycephalic dogs.

Tammy Koh

Purchased Fluff Trough Binge Blocker


The anti-slip mats have been god-sent for our 13 year old golden with mobility issues. This is our second purchase. Our tiled flooring is all covered up by these mats to help our furkid with better grip and stability in moving about our apartment. Very grateful for this product.


Purchased Dfang Petplay F100 (7mm) Anti-slip Mat


I love the Fluff Trough XL. When using it, it is evident a lot of thought has been put into its design. It is solidly built and the parts are of great quality. Clean up is a breeze and it makes it so much easier for my Singapore Special to eat.

Albertina Ou

Purchased Fluff Trough XL


I'm always on the lookout for the PERFECT Dog items for my furkids. This serves as an elevated platform, resting area, bedrest and easy for my robot vaccum to go under

Serene Loh

Purchased Dfang PetPlay Cooling Mat


I’ve bought dog houses previously and it always ends up smelly or stained - being so huge, it’s a trouble to put them in the washer. This dfang dog house is great because it’s made with PU leather and a dfilm coating with doesn’t absorb smell and it’s easy to clean off dirt if any. Just vacuum up any fur or dust and wipe in with a damp cloth. It may seem a tat pricy but you get what you pay for. A regular fabric dog house can cost you approx $60, say you have to change it every 3-6 months or to wash it till it’s out of shape - you end up spending more. Honestly I think the dfang bed is a great investment, most importantly, my pup loves it. Gives him a sense of home and coziness!

Germaine Ban

Purchased Dfang Dog House with Porch


My dog loves this mat from the moment I laid it out. She takes naps on it and plays on it. It also helps to cushion her when she jumps off the bed. Excellent quality too and easy to clean!

Tammy Tan

Purchase Dfang Rug (5mm) Non-fold Anti-slip Mat