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One of my dogs has mild hip dysplasia. Another also has this and had surgery for luxating patella. The vet advised to place pieces of rug or carpet on the hard floor in my home so that they don't slip when running. Among all the different types of floor coverings that i tried, the Dfang play mat is the only one that is able to stand up to their wild play. 

Tim Ng

Purchased Dfang Petplay F140/7 Anti-slip Mat


Love that the bowl is elevated and has a big surface area! Toby doesn’t need to bend down and the big surface area prevents him from poking his eyes. The binge blocker slows him down and reduce mess! Great for brachycephalic dogs.

Tammy Koh

Purchased Fluff Trough Binge Blocker


My puppy keep slipping when she runs around and I was scared she is gonna hurt herself. With this mat she never slip and I can let her run around as much as she wants. Very high quality and I'm very happy with the design as well.

Jihee Kim

Purchased Dfang Petplay F140/5 Anti-slip Mat


I love the Fluff Trough XL. When using it, it is evident a lot of thought has been put into its design. It is solidly built and the parts are of great quality. Clean up is a breeze and it makes it so much easier for my Singapore Special to eat.

Albertina Ou

Purchased Fluff Trough XL


I'm always on the lookout for the PERFECT Dog items for my furkids. This serves as an elevated platform, resting area, bedrest and easy for my robot vaccum to go under

Serene Loh

Purchased Dfang PetPlay Cooling Mat