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Doggie Balm Co. Natural Spritz (50ml)
A Natural Doggie Odour Eliminator!

Doggie Balm Natural Spritz is a 100% natural cologne spray designed to freshen up your smelly dog. This spray is a brilliant solution for during in-between bath times.

Always keep your dog smelling super fresh with a few quick squirts over the coat with our Natural Spritz – Particularly, If you have people visiting your home and don’t want them to get a whiff of smelly dog or bedding.

We infuse key ingredients and essential oils including rose, lavender, jasmine, peppermint, to achieve a wonderful smelling, all-natural fragrance for your pooch.

Our Natural Spritz is safe for use on all dogs. Use it all day long or whenever you are out and about!

Handcrafted in Australia

Best Used By: Jul 2021