F70 (5mm) Anti-slip Mat - Blove Pet Needs
F70 (5mm) Anti-slip Mat - Blove Pet Needs
F70 (5mm) Anti-slip Mat - Blove Pet Needs
F70 (5mm) Anti-slip Mat - Blove Pet Needs
F70 (5mm) Anti-slip Mat - Blove Pet Needs
F70 (5mm) Anti-slip Mat - Blove Pet Needs
F70 (5mm) Anti-slip Mat - Blove Pet Needs
F70 (5mm) Anti-slip Mat - Blove Pet Needs
F70 (5mm) Anti-slip Mat - Blove Pet Needs
F70 (5mm) Anti-slip Mat - Blove Pet Needs
F70 (5mm) Anti-slip Mat - Blove Pet Needs
F70 (5mm) Anti-slip Mat - Blove Pet Needs
F70 (5mm) Anti-slip Mat - Blove Pet Needs

F70 (5mm) Anti-slip Mat (Discontinued)

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NOTE: All 5mm mats have been discontinued and will not replenish after sold out.
  • 100% Waterproof
  • Scratch-resistant
  • Non-slip
  • Safe for pets
  • Impact cushioning
  • Foldable for compact storage

Recommended for dogs below 9kg.

For mat sizing guide, FAQ and things to know before and after purchasing our anti-slip mats, please read here.

Made in Korea


Premium PVC + d.film coating

Sizing Chart
Option Size (L*W*Thk) Price
1 Fold 60*70*0.5cm $40.00
2 Fold 120*70*0.5cm $65.00
3 Fold 180*70*0.5cm $90.00
4 Fold 240*70*0.5cm $115.00
5 Fold 300*70*0.5cm $145.00
6 Fold 360*70*0.5cm $175.00
7 Fold 420*70*0.5cm $200.00
8 Fold 480*70*0.5cm $225.00

Before Buying

Things to note before purchasing our mats

  1. Our mats are not stain-proof, with the light-coloured mats being more susceptible to stains.
    Staining can occur due to dog poop, blood, strong-dyed fabrics, newspaper, juices etc. Hence, always clean up all foreign substances as soon as possible. 
    While it is unsightly, it does not affect the performance of our mats. A gentle stain and odour remover or other neutral detergent and a soft brush may help to remove the stains to a limited extent. Before using any stain and odour removers on the mat, please test them on an inconspicuous part (e.g. the underside) of the mat.
    If you intend to let your dog chew on raw bones, it is highly advisable to choose a mat of a darker shade or use the underside during their chew time.
  2. People who suffer from a vestibular disorder or other visual issues may be affected by some of the patterns.
    Some of the repeating patterns (e.g. herringbone, zigzag) might induce dizziness/vertigo. Please choose your mat design with care, especially if you have elderly at home.
  3. How do I choose the size of my mat?
    Our mats come in:
    - F70: 70cm wide, 1 fold – 8 fold, 5mm thick only
    - F100: 100cm wide, 1 fold - 8 fold, 5mm and 7mm thick
    - F140: 140cm wide, 1 fold – 8 fold, 5mm and 7mm thick
    - Rug Type: 180cm long by 140cm wide, 5mm and 7mm thick

    Consider the weight of your pet. Smaller mats are lighter and more likely to shift when heavier pets run on them.

    For dogs above 10kg and all cats, we recommend picking the 7mm mats.
    Thicker d.film on the printed side on 7mm mats increases mat durability and puncture resistance.

    Consider the ease of cleaning your mat.
    Larger mats are bulkier to wash. You may want to consider only wiping them regularly or purchase multiple mats of smaller fold count.
  4. Exchange/Refunds
    Please note that we do not entertain requests for exchange/refund due to wrong sizing, change of pattern, change of mind or if you are unable to accept the crease lines on the mat.
    We can only do an exchange/refund if there is a manufacturer fault.
    As such, please make sure to triple measure and check with us prior to ordering if you have any doubts.
Mat Care / FAQ

 Mat Care

  1. Clean mat regularly for optimal grip.
    It is recommended to clean the mat regularly to remove all fur, hair, dust and other debris. This helps to maintain the grip of the mat.
  2. Do not expose the mat to harsh conditions.
    Only use gentle, pet-safe soap when washing the mat to help prolong the mat's lifespan. Do not use harsh chemicals such as bleach. Do not dry mat under direct sunlight after the usual cleaning. Do not place mat near high heat or fire.
  3. The mat is scratch resistant, but not scratch-proof or pierce-proof.
    Sharp nails and objects can still cut or puncture the mat surface. Always trim and file your pet's nails to reduce the likelihood of puncturing the mat. Do not scratch the mat with sharp objects (e.g. do not scrub the mat with a hard-bristle brush).


  1. Do the white mats turn yellow after some time?
    Yes, most of our white-based mats come in warm white and the colour may change slightly over time, depending on the environment, soap used, cleaning frequency etc.
  2. I just took out my mat and there are crease lines! What do I do?
    Our mats mostly come folded/rolled up in a box and will have crease lines.
    Laying the mat out by the porch on a warm day (max. 15 minutes if in direct sunlight) may help to ease the creases. These crease lines may never go away completely. Kindly take note that these lines do not affect the functionality of the mat and are not considered defects, hence we will not be able to do returns or exchange for these.
  3. I bought 2 mats of the same pattern, but they do not look identical.
    As each mat is produced from a cut of continuous material. The pattern on any two mats may not look 100% alike.
  4. Do I need to wash my mat before using?
    Yes. Our mats come lightly coated with a protective layer (for storage purposes) and it causes the mat to feel slippery when wet. After checking that your mat is in good condition, give the mat a gentle rinse and rubbing to remove the coating. It should feel grippy when you rub the mat, even when it is wet. Then allow it to fully dry before using.
  5. Is the underside of the mat anti-slip as well?
    Yes, the underside of all our mats come in dark grey, with the same anti-slip and waterproof material, so both sides of the mat can be used interchangeably.