Quality Comfort for your Pets

At Blove Pet Needs, we have always been seeking the best for our pets, and now we want to share our secrets with you!
We think about what our pets need, then research into every product to ensure that they are aesthetic, contain no nasties, and safe to use around our pets (and other family members).
Then we try them out and if we fall in love with them, we bring them to you!

Blove - in remembrance of Chocoby and Hunniby

Chocoby and Hunniby were the inspiration & motivation that we started kPetNeeds, to make the best products in market readily available for other furkids here.⁣

Following their departure on 25 Aug 2020, we have decided to commemorate our boys by reinventing our identity. The new name & logo are inspired by Chocoby and Hunniby and we hope that they will be remembered for a long, long time. ⁣

We took the “by” (pronounced as “be”) from their names and shortened it to “B” and with “love”, the new name is born.⁣

“Blove” also has the meaning of “To be loved by all” and we hope that the boys know that they were loved by everyone that met them whether in real life or over social media.⁣

We thank you very much for your support thus far & it makes us happy knowing that the boys will continue to be a part of this forever.⁣


If you need any help or feel we're missing something, chat with us or drop us an email anytime.