F140 (7mm) Anti-slip EasyMat
F140 (7mm) Anti-slip EasyMat

F140 (7mm) Anti-slip EasyMat

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Introducing the All-new EasyMat: Where Safety Meets Elegance

Our premium anti-slip mats are meticulously crafted in Korea to revolutionize your living space. Our mats are more than just safety solutions – they're a harmonious blend of functionality, aesthetics, and pet-friendly features.

Our pastel cream anti-slip mats are designed to be discreet, providing unparalleled protection without compromising your interior's aesthetic appeal. No more unsightly rubber mats disrupting your décor – our mats effortlessly blend into any space.

For mats sizing guide, FAQ, and things to know before and after purchasing our anti-slip mats, please read here.

- EasyMats are delivered rolled up. Due to package size, delivery might take an additional 1~2 working days to arrange.
- Do not place furniture on top of the mat as the mat may not bounce back to its original shape.
- Oils from natural rubber will stain the mat. Please be aware when placing items with rubber anti-slip pads on the mat.
- Underside is diamond embossed, as per the existing antislip mat.

Made in Korea

*7mm EasyMat is exclusively available in Singapore only.


Premium PVC + d.film coating

Sizing Chart
Option Size (L*W*Thk) Price
1 Fold 60*140*0.7cm $77.00
2 Fold 120*140*0.7cm $130.00
3 Fold 180*140*0.7cm $184.00
4 Fold 240*140*0.7cm $236.00
5 Fold 300*140*0.7cm $281.00
6 Fold 360*140*0.7cm $325.00
7 Fold 420*140*0.7cm $359.00
8 Fold 480*140*0.7cm $405.00